CarPro CQuartz Lite 100ML – “NEW 2024”


CarPro CQuartz Lite 100ML – “NEW 2024”

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CQ Lite is a user-friendly ceramic coating, which is super easy to apply, even if you have no prior experience.

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Lite is based on the incredible CQ.UK Ceramic Coating Technology, which has become famous around the world for its durability and performance. CQUARTZ Lite can be applied as a standalone ceramic coating lasting over 6 months or it can even serve as a topcoat for existing CQUARTZ coatings.

Based on CQ.Uk technology
Super easy to apply
Over 6 months of durability
CQUARTZ Lite was designed for those that aren’t ready to take the plunge into the industry-leading strength of our professional coatings, but still, wish to enjoy the performance that only CQUARTZ coatings offer. Lite bridges the gap between the less effective traditional sealants and the advanced nanotechnology of CQUARTZ Ceramic coatings that so many have come to love.

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